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2014 Interior Design Trends: An Interview with Jasmin Marie of Cadmium Interiors

By Jasmin Marie

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

We are a Full-service Interior Design Firm that specializes in intensely elegant and classic design. The name? It represents the two women, also artists, who design with composition in mind. Cadmium is a metallic element used in some of the most intense colors in oil paints. CAD is an abbreviation for AutoCad, the software program used to create architectural drawings. We focus on Residential and Small Commercial interiors.

We always design to our clients' needs, ensuring safety, functionality and our clients aesthetic. Our personal favorite projects are those that are classic, elegant, and contain unexpected elements. We like to incorporate a wild card element into each design, nudging our clients out of their comfort zones and pushing the design to the next level artistically. Clients always respond favorably and love their new space because it really is an extension of themselves.

What are some of the services your company provides?

We work with clients on Kitchen and Bath Remodels, Lighting Solutions, Wall Treatments, Window Treatments, Tile/Countertops, Hard Surface Solutions, Space Planning, Ceiling Treatment, Flooring, Paint Color, Healthy Design/ Eco Friendly.

What are some elements I can include in my bathroom to make it appear modern?

Elements to make a bathroom more modern would be to include clean lines and a neutral palette. A walk in shower is a nice way to modernize a bathroom. In one of Cadmium's projects we included a piece of moss art to modernize the room, and kept a spa like feel.

What are some fun, rich fabrics I can include in my living room setting?

Ikat Prints are still staying strong for a fun rich fabric, especially blue and white ikat prints mixed with other prints. One fun combination is a white and blue ikate print with white and blue leapard prints. Botanical prints have made a comeback recently also which is fun to mix into the Living Room.

Would you say that lighter colored wood or darker colored is the newer trend?

I have mostly seen mostly darker color wood for flooring and furniture. Some clients are open to gray stained wood for furniture, or kitchen cabinetry. If clients want light wood in the kitchen is is usually stark white, not cream.

Silly question, but many interior designers say that pineapples are a new growing trend as a fun kitchen accessory. Do you agree with this? If yes, what are some ways I can integrate this into my kitchen design?

I honestly have not seen this much in the kitchen. I do see it from time to time in table lamps. For the kitchen I imagine using it in dishware, linens, or a lighting fixture would be a fun element.

What are some fun, timeless design options for my bedroom?

Having two recessed lights installed over the bed is a timeless way to have soft overhead lighting while also washing the wall if you have a feature wall. Bedrooms are great spaces for a small seating area because it creates an oasis and place for relaxation.

What is the best way to reach you or your company?

If you are walking by our studio in Lincoln Park at 612 W. Wrighwood we would love to meet you! Or you can email either Principal Jasmin Marie or Kristin Taghon

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