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Looking At Colleges In Chicago

What to know before you move

There are few better places to live and go to school than the city of Chicago. With many great institutions of higher learning Chicago is the Mid-West's cradle of education. Because of the constant influx of new students and the turn over of graduating ones the Chicago Rental Market creates opportunities for savvy student/renters and house hunters alike. If you are applying for the fall 2012 semester or you are already here and looking to make a change here are the Top Five tips for those looking to live off campus in Chicago.

1. Do your homework

The entire task of moving to a new city can be overwhelming for both students and parents alike. There are certain things like hiring movers, opening new bank accounts, utilities and phones that always come with the territory no matter what you do. A little bit of advance research goes a long way!

2. Plan accordingly

Every college and university has different move in dates and rules. No two are alike. To compound matters you and a few hundred thousand people are all moving in (or out) during the same two week periods every year. Don't wait until the last minute to pack, hire movers and actually move. Anything you can do to speed up the process will put you a few steps ahead of the curve, making your move in a little less stressful than it has to be.

#3. The urge to purge

Going away to college can be both liberating and scary. While you want to create a comfortable living space for studying and relaxing, but this is not the time to bring fifty stuffed animals, every cute dress in your wardrobe you have, 25 concert T-shirts or multiple gaming systems. Get rid of stuff you don't need and bring with you only the essentials. If you haven't taken something out of the closet in a year, you are not going to use it now or even in the next six months, do not bring it. Think about exactly what you need to survive, figure out how much space you have for storage and bring 25% less stuff than that. The reasoning: you will pick up new stuff and school gear along the way and have no room left to store it.

4. Don't ever think "my new roommate will have it."

This is another common mistake made, especially by first time roommates. Your new bunk mate is not your keeper, the holder of spare appliances or on the hook to share anything with you. If they are nice they may choose to share things, but just like every new relationship you need to build trust first. If you come in on day one with a lot of "asks" you will seem really high maintenance. Think first how badly you need to borrow something before asking and you will save your living situation from early strain.

5. Don't neglect actual school work just to get unpacked:

This refers back to #2 on our list. Plan, plan and when you are done planning- plan some more. then actually follow through. If you don't and do everything last minute you will get off to a slow start academically and you don't want to do that now do you? You are not a kid anymore and you won't have mom or dad to get after you on this one. Stay on your mission, set some realistic goals, keep to a schedule and leave yourself a little leeway for mishaps and mistakes so you can start classes on time and be ready to go.

When you are ready to find a great place off campus for next semester and beyond contact us for our newest and best listings!

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