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Replacement Windows 101

Of all of the home improvement projects people take on, upgrading old windows to new ones is one of the most time consuming and potentially costly. At the same time it offers a high ROI since swapping out old windows has so many benefits to the value of the home. If our eyes are window to our souls then the windows of our home can be the entry to the soul of our house. They (hopefully) keep us warm, let in light, keep us safe and show us the world. Here is what you need to know if you are considering replacing your property's windows.

Is It Time To Replace Your Windows

Do You Really Need This

If your home is particularly old and has never had the windows replaced you should at least consider upgrading them. Although you want to be mindful of keeping the style of the house intact, outdated windows suck energy out, drive heating costs up and are an immediate turn off to buyers. At the same time as yourself if a change really needs to be made or not. If you can't be objective about your home, bring in an appraiser to answer for you.

Not All Replacement Windows Are Energy Saving

Coming right out of the pages of "buyer beware" you need to do your homework just as you would for any major home improvement. Not every "Green" or LEED certifiedreplacement window is going to save you money on energy bills in spite of the hype. Be wary of seller who want to sell you some spec windows or an off-brand that touts the same quality of the name brand ones. On the other hand one not so secret of the industry is the potential tax credits you can earn by upgrading. Investigate those possibilities here.

No DIY This Time

Yes, the Home and Garden cable channel guys make it look so easy, "even you can do it". The truth is you need to really evaluate whether doing a replacement window job is withing your grasp. We mentioned at the top that this is a costly task. On the other hand you botching the job or not being able to finish it can cost you more in the long run too. Think about hiring a certified professional before taking this job on.

Tons of Options

There are no shortage of creative and inventive design options to bring life and value to your property. From the popular Bay and Double-Hung windows to Skylights and casements they are many methods to bring light into your home and add beauty to the form. In many cases you are only limited by your imagination and budget for a long lasting solution. There are some great solutions at

Don't Make A Change For The Sake Of It

This goes hand in hand with our first rule above. Not only shouldn't you make a change for the sake of making a change, keep in mind the character of your home at all times. Think about the visual appearance of your home inside and out and don't fall into the trap of "keeping up with the Jones's" in your neighborhood. If you have a historic or landmark home there are specific rules about making changes. At the same time there are companies that specialize in upgrades that also keep the attributes of the home intact.

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