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Buddha Gandhi and Me Supports Holistically Healthy Lifestyles

By Kelly Church

Buddha Gandhi and Me is a holistic wellness center in Batavia, IL. Focused on giving members healthy lifestyles through yoga, fitness and more. Employee Taylor VanLeeuwen said the studio has been open for just over a year and it was designed to have a range of offerings for healthy lifestyles.

"The inspiration for our center came when we noticed the need for space where healing and growth was the predominant objective," VanLeeuwen said. "Many places such as spas or studios felt cold to us, as if there was no connection between client and owner. We wanted to be a place where people felt comfortable in an environment of supportive healing that treated them like the space was their home in whatever way they desired."

Buddha Gandhi and Me offers yoga classes for beginners, those who want to learn inversions and those who practice vinyasa flow. Meditation is also available on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. Also on Wednesdays, students can take hoop dance classes.

"Along with having services that are common, we brought to the community some more unique programs such as aerial yoga," VanLeeuwen said. "This being out newest program, aerial yoga incorporates authentic yoga with the support of a soft, fabric hammock, to explore, refine and advance traditional asanas, both suspended and on the ground."

Aerial yoga allows students of yoga to practice poses that are challenging or not possible on the mat. Even though students are suspended by fabric, the body is connected to the ground for much of the class in some way, whether that be with the crown of the head, fingertips or toes.

Bugamese classes are also offered for children who want to practice martial arts. Buddha Gandhi and Me calls Bugamese the first American martial arts system. In their first class, students can experience calisthenics, plyometrics, strength training and beginner martial arts poses.

"When we decided to start teaching classes, we wanted to make sure all age groups were included, so for this we started our martial arts program named Bugamese," VanLeeuwen said. "This children's program is centered around shaping your child into a peaceful warrior through the use of various martial arts practices."

Other services at Buddha Gandhi and Me include acupuncture and will soon include massage. Acupuncture is believed to help the body heal itself by applying thin needles to certain areas of the body. The needles are thought to disrupt and ignite the body's energy flow. While the inclusion of needles can cause some anxiety, most people find acupuncture relaxing. The studio's practitioners are experienced and highly trained.

"We think that the community has been very welcoming of us and so excited for all of our programs and we could not be more lucky for this," VanLeeuwen said. "We think we are a very warm and welcoming center with many different options to help round and bring wholeness to your life."

For more information on Buddha Gandhi and Me, and to sign up for a class online, visit

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