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Answers to Common Questions About Real Estate Lawyers: An Interview with Yelena Shvartsman of Shvartsman Law Offices

By Yelena Shvartsman

Tell us a little bit about your firm and the areas of law your practice.

Shvartsman Law Offices are committed to providing professional, comprehensive, confidential, and practical legal services to our clients. Our staff averages 15 years of legal experience in diverse practice areas of law and you can rest assured your case is in good hands. The Firm's practice areas includes defending homeowners and investors from foreclosure, arranging short-sales, loan modifications and "short-refi's", personal injury, litigation, real estate and business related matters.

If having a lawyer is not legally required for a residential transaction, what is the benefit of hiring one?

Buying or selling a home is the largest transaction a person can make in a lifetime. The legal consequences from mistakes or omissions during the process can cause some major headaches. Many documents to be reviewed and/or prepared, mistakes can be costly.

What are the most common reasons why you might need an attorney when you buy or sell a house?

An attorney who specializes in residential real estate will review a purchase contract. The attorney will also work with a mortgage loan officer, the opposing attorney and agents to make sure that dates are set for attorney approval, home inspection, mortgage commitment and other contingencies. The attorney will also review important documents, including the deed, bills of sale (for personal property, such as appliances) legal descriptions, mortgage loan documents, plat of survey, and title and title insurance policy. And of course the closing itself, many problems arise at the table and they attorney has to resolve it.

When should a prospective home buyer hire a real estate lawyer?

I prefer to be contacted by a prospective home buyer prior or right after the contract is signed.

How would you suggest that people find a reliable and competent residential real estate lawyer?

Most of my business is based on referral, but I think internet is also a great source of information. I find reviews very helpful.

What advice can you give home buyers about working effectively with their real estate attorney to make the home buying process as smooth as possible?

Always let your attorney know everything in advance, including all of your concerns about the property. If you are considering renting the property after several years or maybe if you need hardwood floors in the unit, etc. All of the details must be brought up to the attorney's attention from the day the contract is signed.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your firm?

Contact information:
Shvartsman Law Offices
400 Skokie Blvd, Suite 220 Northbrook, Illinois 60062
Phone: 847.714.0210
Fax: 847.714.0212

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