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DIY Interior Design Tips: An Interview with Amanda Miller of Amanda Miller Design Studio, LLC

By Amanda Miller

Please tell us a little about your company and the services you offer.

We are a full service Interior Design Company. We do everything from space and furniture planning, to staging, work with color, textiles, manage projects, kitchen and bath design.

If someone is decorating their own home, what can help make it look like it was professionally designed?

Keep the scale of pieces relative to the scale of the room. In other words a giant sofa won't look right in a small room, or a tiny dining table in a giant dining room.
Ensure that you add light at several different levels - overhead if you wish, table, accent, ambient.
Vary the pieces- drawing from different styles that you like- so that it does not look you went into a showroom and bought the entire set at once.

What are some interior design elements that can give a sophisticated or elegant feel to your home?

Everyone defines sophisticated and elegant differently! I would say that having a sense for what feels contemporary - not necessarily modern- and blending this with your own style is a great approach. This can be done easily and effectively through new paint and lighting.

How can people decide if a specific furnishing from a catalogue/store is right for a particular room or space?

That is a tricky question but we would take the approach of looking at everything that is staying in the room, and what the homeowner would like to add, relative to how the room is intended to function. If the new item collages in to the existing palette- or intended design direction- scales in well and the homeowner loves it- we would say give it a go!

What are some common color combinations that could work well in a modern house?

We think that color is a very personal choice. Some homeowners are very color averse, others can't get enough of color. But we tend to think that a fairly neutral palette of warm greys, varying in intensity, gives the homeowner a lot of flexibility to layer accent colors in less "permanent" ways.

What advice would you give to homeowners who are redecorating and want to create a comfortable, resort-like environment?

I would say that you want to keep natural soothing colors in mind- teal, ivory, greys, shades of blue. Also, stick to materials that feel natural ie. stone, wood, linen and maybe add a little bling with polished nickel hardware.

What's the best way for people to contact your company?

Our website gives a great overview of our work. We can be contacted via phone 773.490.6164 or by e-mail:

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