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FIT4MOM DuPage County Supports Women at All Stages of Motherhood through Fitness and Friendships

By Kelly Church

FIT4MOM DuPage County is a fitness program for moms at all stages of motherhood, from pre-baby to post-baby. The business offers support for new moms and experienced moms, giving them a place to take care of their health, interact with other mothers, and bond with their kids. Owner Lesley Lehman opened FIT4MOM DuPage County after moving to the Chicago, IL suburbs and having a baby in December, 2012.

"I found myself without any local friends in the dead of winter with a newborn," Lehman said. "I had taken FIT4MOM classes in downtown Chicago and realized that moms in DuPage County needed a place to find strength and support during all stages of motherhood."

Lehman said the business' goal is to provide the type of strength that mothers need most. By focusing on specific areas of the body, moms build stronger, healthier bodies that are more practical for the duties and movements they do on a daily basis, outside of the gym.

"Our classes train mothers for functional daily living and for motherhood," Lehman said. "By building strength in certain areas of your body, you become a physically stronger mother. We do a lot of squats in class because mothers squat to pick up children. We strengthen the back muscles because mothers lift everything from car seats to tricycles to toddlers."

There are four different class types offered at FIT4MOM DuPage County. Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre are classes for moms who want to bring their child with them to workout. Moms bring any type of stroller (except an umbrella stroller) and their children for an active workout that includes intervals, strength training and Pilates-based movements.

Fit4Baby is the business' prenatal fitness class. This class blends cardio, strength, flexibility and balance training. Women at all stages of their pregnancy can take this class to prep for the changes the body undergoes during pregnancy and childbirth.

Body Back is a post-natal class designed to help moms get their body's back through high-intensity interval training. This class is a little different, as it is eight-weeks long and bootcamp style. The Body Back Transformation group gets two workouts per week, meal plans, food journals, before and after assessments and more. Weekly weigh-ins help moms stay present with their fitness goals and on track. It's recommended that moms be at least five months postpartum.

"We come together to become stronger physically, but also to find encouragement and support throughout the ups and downs of motherhood," Lehman said. "The fitness classes will challenge you, while the community of moms supports you."

To encourage this community support, FIT4MOM DuPage County coordinates about 20 social events each month. These can include weekly playgroups, mom's night out events and more. Events are usually free to attend and welcome moms at all stages, from pregnancy to those who are mothers of teenagers.

"It's more than just fitness," Lehman said. "It's connection. It's support. It's an understanding ear and a compassionate shoulder. My favorite phrase is 'Motherhood should never be done alone.' This was my inspiration when I started FIT4MOM DuPage County and it is what motivated me every day since."

Visit to find out more about the business, learn about classes or events, and see pricing.

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Allen AllenJohnson

Sounds like you have a great program for moms. There is also a new exercise mat out that works great for a kids play mat.


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