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From Fried Chicken to Catfish, Comfort Food is King at GMB Catering

By Marina I. Jokic

Hailing from the South, co-owner of GMB Catering Geri Beutin was immersed in soul food recipes from an early age. She belongs to a legacy of exceptional cooks and restaurant owners and has spent years cultivating a unique culinary style which has culminated in the join business she runs with her sibling.

Together with Glenn Merrill, Beutin has developed an array of mouthwatering Southern specialties just like the ones their mother used to make. The homemade vibe of their dishes is unmistakable and appealing to locals and tourists alike. In fact, it is their main selling point, giving them a competitive edge.

Beutin's cooking career began at home, but inevitably branched out to event catering as she realized her talent in the kitchen. Serving Illinois' independent film industry as well as other parties and corporate events at first, GMB came into high demand for pretty much any kind of gathering. Mastering different kinds of cuisines such as German, Latin, Cajun and Italian among others, Beutin has really expanded the company's menu dramatically since its debut in 2010.

"We specialize in [providing] a personal touch so [that our food] can bring that [homemade] feeling to your event," Beutin said. "We label our food as Southern home cooking; our clients want comfort food with a 21st century attitude."

Beutin enjoys incorporating a lot of classic comfort foods into her seasonal and standing menus. Favorites such as corned beef, pot roast, bratwurst, and catfish are regulars while venison in white wine sauce, liver dumpling soup, and potato pancakes are featured seasonally. In a previous stint, Merrill was the owner of the former Mama's Chicken and Fish restaurants, which were renowned for their Southern-inspired cuisine.

In addition to some succulent bites, GMB provides some logistical services to their guests including invitations, decorations, photography and even DJ's. Merrill takes on the creative tasks while Beutin manages sales and client relations.

"We use fresh ingredients [which] is important to us and our clients [and] we take the extra steps to ensure our menus are full-favored," Beutin said. "Our success is [fueled by] word of mouth; our customers rave about us and recommend us widely."

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