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Good Health Inside and Out is Within Reach at GrandeFIT

By Marina I. Jokic

Weight loss, fitness, and pain management are GrandeFIT's main specialties. Four years ago, owner Tony Bruno was inspired to open the holistic fitness studio by his own trials as a former injured athlete. Not satisfied with the limited solutions that traditional medicine provided, Bruno decided to take things into his own hands.

"I want people to know that there are many options to treat injuries and [to heal the body]," Bruno said. "[I saw the need for] a place where people can learn how to use food to recover, not just to lose weight, [and] I also wanted a place where athletes and couch potatoes alike can work out without being intimidated or injured."

The first pillar of GrandeFIT's practice is injury management and long-term treatments. If you've ever suffered from pain or mobility issues, GrandeFIT's injury solutions can help you improve your stability and boost your strength and flexibility while also minimizing pain and inflammation. Muscle Activation Techniques sessions are especially tailored to find the cause of aches and pains through locating weak muscles. Through a simple manual technique coupled with isometric exercises, specialists strengthen problem areas.

Neurosomatic therapy, an assessment and treatment of the muscles, cranium, face, neck, and pelvis, represents an advanced treatment of soft tissue injuries and chronic pain. Bruno notes that most of GrandeFIT's clients report a noticeable improvement after one or two sessions of these treatments. In a similar vein, the fascial movement taping targets soft tissue pain through lifting the skin and outer layers of the fascia to increase mobility.

"We focus on starting people where they are instead of giving them some pre-written program or trendy gimmick," Bruno said. "Your first session is primarily an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses; this allows us to work on your weak links along with your goals instead of working you hard until something breaks down."

GrandeFIT's nutritional solutions are tailored through the biosignature modulation test, which measures distribution of body fat and helps identify potential hormonal imbalances. Next, a bioimpedence analysis measures your cellular hydration level, phase angle, lean mass, water weight, and daily caloric expenditure. Simple behavior modifications are prescribed to bring lasting weight loss and health improvements.

Bruno's dedication to helping people of all levels of experience has contributed to his successful career and to becoming one of the Chicago area's health and fitness gurus. Viewed as a wellness leader rather than just a fitness trainer, Bruno combines the art of exercise medicine and program design with the science of musculoskeletal assessment. A tailored solution incorporating movement, exercise, and nutrition brings long-lasting results and health to his patients.

"After each treatment, we go over simple home isometric exercises that will remind the muscle and nerve how to work properly," Bruno said. "These home exercises give people the power to take an active part in relieving their aches, pains, and discomfort."

In recent years, Bruno has worked with the likes of the Chicago Wolves, Barrington Redwings, colleges, prep schools, minor league, and professional hockey and baseball players. His client list runs the gamut of the sports world.

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