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How to Achieve That Elegant Look with Your Home Interior Design: An Interview with Marta Cullen of Dream Interiors Inc.

Please tell us a little about your company and the services you offer.

Dream Interiors has been a staple in downtown Downers Grove in the interior design business for 20 + years. As the owner and principle designer, it has been my passion to provide the latest and greatest in home interiors. Staying up-to-date on new trends while still honoring the classics that we all know and love.

We offer anything you can imagine for a home's interior: from wall colors, wall coverings, carpeting, area rugs, custom furniture, lighting selection, accessories, and our specialty, window treatments. We have our own drapery workroom on site allowing us to create one-of-a-kind custom window treatments that we can control from drawing to installation. We offer Hunter Douglas hard window treatments to make each window as functional and beautiful as possible.

What are the common factors to consider when starting a home interior design project?

Budget is key. Knowing what you are willing to invest in your project from the beginning really helps us offer you the most for your money. I am able to specify from so many different amazing companies that knowing which way to start is the most efficient for myself and for the client.

Whether you are looking for high-end, American made quality or something that is more affordable, I have something to offer everyone that holds a quality I can stand behind. I also like to make sure the client has a clear focus on what they are trying to achieve. Whether we are adding a couple of key pieces or doing a complete room makeover, I want to make sure the final result is exactly what the client was looking for.

What are the steps involved in achieving that high-end look in your home?

I like to meet with a new client for the first time in their home. I like to see their style, how they use their space and the pieces in their life that dictate their style or what they are trying to achieve. I can tell a lot about a person's need from that simple 1 hour consultation. While in that space I can also get a good idea of how we will be using the room spatially and gather the measurements I need to specify the furniture and window treatments.

A follow up meeting is then scheduled back in the showroom where I will have preselected a couple of options for the items we discussed. Having this meeting in our showroom, the client can get an idea for what we do here and it also allows me access to any additional selections that need to be made once the presentation is done.

I like to then send the client home with those options that they liked in a packet to view with their significant other and in the lighting of their own home. I am always happy to revisit those selections with the client in their home if needed. By allowing us to put the whole look together, you get a cohesive look that works well with texture, pattern, and over all beauty. That is the best way to achieve that high-end look that people are looking for.

What are some important features in interior design that should not be overlooked?

Lighting. Texture. Neutrals. Patterns and scale. Accessories. It is hard to get a complete look without all of these things.

What are the most popular trends/elements that can be found in contemporary homes?

Neutrals have been big for a while now. Using a neutral base and accenting one or two colors on top is not only a calming look but also allows for minor changes in the future while keeping the overall investment a good one. Wall coverings are also back in a big way. Accenting one wall, a powder room or even a dining room is a great way to add pattern to a room and make it really pop.

What advice would you give to Illinois homeowners who are decorating/redecorating their house and want to create a comfortable environment with a sophisticated style?

A neutral base is the easiest way to get the most for your investment. Adding details to your upholstery such as tufting, channeling and nailheads takes a sofa from ordinary to extraordinary. Pops of color make a room more inviting and comfortable. Texture will create a familiar warmth and including personal items such as family photos or heirloom furniture pieces will give the space a personal feel that is very familiar.

What's the best way for people to contact your company?

Dream Interiors can be easily reached Monday- Friday from 10am- 5pm. We also offer appointments in the evening and on the weekend, by request. Our phone number is 630.810.1389. You may also email us at and someone will promptly return your message.

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