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Providing the Newest Technology for Irrigation Systems: An Interview with Bergman Nurseries

By Kristen Bosse

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Bergman Nurseries is a full service landscape and irrigation contractor as well as an independent garden center. Our landscape and irrigation division start with custom computerized designs that are developed to meet the specific needs of each of our potential customers. Our experienced landscape crews install projects with varied backgrounds such as retaining walls, both segmental and also natural stone, paver patios and sidewalks, ponds and waterfalls, trees, shrubs, perennials and much more. We design, install and repair irrigations systems for both residential customers as well as commercial customers. Our garden center offers a wide array of products and plants including over 10 different varieties of bulk rock, three colors of bulk mulch, topsoil, retaining wall block, natural stone steps and a wide variety of natural stone.

Bergman Nurseries was purchased in 1999 by Tom Friye and his sons. Currently, Todd Friye and Trevor Friye are running the company since Tom's retirement in 2012. Todd handles more of the business side of the company and oversees the garden center, while Trevor takes care of more of the day to day operations and sales of the landscape division. While Trevor has gained all of his experience working at Bergman Nurseries, his insight into job profitability, efficiency and attention to detail has been invaluable to the company. Todd has a background in business and finance and has brought more than 5 years experience from the financial services industry. His understanding of both the finances and the industry coupled with Trevor's understanding of equipment utilization and customer satisfaction has been essential to the success of Bergman Nurseries.

Is an irrigation system necessary for my garden?

Irrigation systems have become one of the growing trends in the landscape industry. With severe swings in weather patterns, homeowners have started thinking more of installing irrigation systems in both their yards and also their planting beds. Advances in technology have allowed us to design systems that only run when the yard or plants need moisture. Have you ever been driving down the road in the rain and see an irrigation system running????? New products such as rain sensors or moisture sensors allow each irrigation systems to be customized to the location it is installed. Not all soil types need the same amount of rainfall and thus the moisture sensors if properly installed can either make the system run in certain areas or keep the system from running in certain areas based on the existing moisture in the soil. A perfect example of this is that plants need a different level of moisture than turf. And even more specific certain plants need more or less moisture than other types of plants. These smart controllers allow us to customize systems for our customers if so desired.

What should I be doing to my garden/irrigation system in preparation for winter?

Irrigation systems need to be winterized prior to temperatures dropping below freezing. Obviously this is not required in all areas, however in the Midwest it is necessary. The basic process involves shutting off the water, back draining the backflow and then blowing air from a commercial compressor through all the zones to ensure that the water is out of the lines.

Please describe your mission statement and how it has helped you remain successful over the years.

Bergman Nurseries focuses on the fact that the customer comes first and makes every attempt to meet the needs of our customers, no matter what the size of the project. Examples of our work, profiles of our employees and descriptions of our services are all detailed on our website,

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you?

We can be reached either by phone or email, both of which are listed on our website.

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