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Helping Make Your Kitchen the True Heart of Your Home: An Interview with Cartage Home Remodelers, Inc.

By Kristen Bosse

Please describe the background of your company and the various services you offer.

We are a family owned and operated company with over 25 combined years of experience with a wide spectrum from the basic construction to the project management and financing. Christopher and I work in synergy with our experience to provide a full service to our clientele. We begin with the free initial consultation to determine the scope of work and in many cases to provide a guideline to discuss and set expectations for the project. We are sensitive to market conditions, family long or short term plans, lifestyle and budget to create the best remodeling plan possible for the client.

Our reputation as an all inclusive service has grown, as it eliminates most if not all of the typical stressors experienced in remodeling. Our proposals are completely transparent for all aspects of the remodel including the recommended finish materials. In many instances we have our basic selections (mid level cost) with such widely popular brands and selections that 99% of our clients prefer the suggested finished product, whereby eliminating shopping stress and selection confusion. Between Christopher and myself we account for design/layout, color selection, finish material, use of space to maximize all without a designer fee. In addition to our personal experience, our crews work so well together that there is a seamless movement from beginning to end. While there is a constant movement it is almost magical to watch because of the smoothness and seamlessness between team members.

What is your position at Cartage Home Remodeling?

Christopher and I co-own the company. He is primarily in charge of field and job site operation and oversees our crews as well as sub contractors such as plumbers, electricians, etc. I handle customer service relation, initial contact, day to day update, contracts, marketing. All decisions are jointly made and typically conveyed through one of us depending on the scenario. Part of our success is due to the team members on board, the commitment, loyalty and integrity with which each one does their part allows the company to continue to grow. The individual commitment to grow with the company challenges each one to continue to seek excellence in everything they do.

Please explain your mission statement and how it relates to the success of your company.

We feel that our commitment to customer service and the integrity with which we handle all aspects of the project whether it is initial contact through to the completion has been integral to our company growth and success. We feel strongly that the best client is an educated client as knowledge empowers the client to understand the process, by providing the information upfront and updates as the project progresses we find that clients are less likely to become discontent with the process. Many of our projects are after a client has had a previously bad experience which makes the client hyper vigilant to remodeling. We have been able to break down those barriers and prove that not all contractors are alike. We are committed to enhancing our client's home not just by the remodel itself but also for the feeling we leave behind. We strive to leave an atmosphere of peace, harmony and balance in every home we work in. See more about our mission statement here.

You claim on your website that "there are many factors to be considered to pick the right materials and design." Please share some of these factors.

Some of the guidelines we use, would be family long and or short term plans for the home. Age of family members, for example an older family may be looking at empty nesting and potential downsize or in some cases simply aging in place. Young families, versus teen and college families also have different considerations we look at, such as use of bedroom space, storage needed or wanted to grow into, family entertainment. These are some of the basic factors we look for to provide a recommendation to the family. We feel when we are asked for a recommendation, it is our duty to provide the highest and best recommendation based on their needs. In part this is how we have packaged our all inclusive bathroom and kitchen specials. Our experience has prepared us to acknowledge and recognize most popular, trendy and cost efficient items for almost any age bracket and budget.

How has your combined twenty year experience helped you with your business?

Our advantage would be multifaceted, not only do we have hands on experience in the construction industry but we also have expansive experience with project management, financing, marketing, customer service and design. This allows us to understand market conditions and appropriately make recommendations to benefit the client. By seeking the client's well being our company has been able to strengthen it's roots in the community. We genuinely care for our clients as individuals, we get to know our clients, their various stages of life. We started in this industry not because of the general consensus that remodeling is good (we actually started in 2007 when the market crashed). There is a compassionate part of our team that cannot be duplicated, we are simply offering what everyone is entitled to, respect and dignity and for these reasons we continue to grow.

Why is it said that kitchen remodeling promises the largest return on investment?

Kitchens are the heart of the home. The truth is, that the kitchen is the one room in the house that all the family gathers at one point or another in the day. This is a place that nourishes and comforts the family. So the importance of a kitchen cannot be overlooked in any home regardless of property location or it's simplicity or magnificence- the kitchen holds the family heart. Learn more about our kitchen renovations here.

What are some key qualities that a homeowner should expect from a quality remodeling company?

Integrity and honesty, most if not all contractors at one point or another either say or advertise they are honest.

The truth is that honesty and integrity only comes in to play when the going gets tough, when the deadline is near, when adjustments need to be made, when warranties need to be honored. In 7 years we pride ourselves in the service we provide. We treat the client's home as if it was our own, with the same care and respect that we would expect.

Communication is key. It seems cliché and again most contractors will advertise at one point or another and then drop the ball, not to say we have not missed some deadlines, the difference is we will admit the mistake. 9 out of 10 times the apology is accepted and frankly the 1 that doesn't would more than likely not have been able to communicate during the process or would have been a bad experience for us as a company. Communication is important on both sides as we cannot answer a question that has not been asked.

Humbleness, we feel that regardless of the position or status of the person within the company or the company itself a humble attitude will eliminate conflict. We are what we think as they say and if we think we are all that, then eventually we drop the ball and pretend no one notices. With a humble spirit we are actively conscious that we can always learn, grow and improve?while this may appear to be a weak position it has actually strengthen our company, relationships with clients, associates, team members and allowed for exponential personal growth which in turn benefits the company as a whole.

Team work and loyalty, we seek team members that are looking for a long term growth opportunity in this industry not someone just wanting a paycheck. There is a huge difference in the quality of the work depending on which side of the equation the team is on, so we take great care to hand select our team members. Christopher and I love to meet our clients, get to know them, providing a service to beautify the home is only a small part of the interaction that we are blessed to experience.


Email is always great (can always go back or answer after hours)
Phone 773-627-2843
Visiting our website and sending in a request.

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