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How To Improve Your Curb Appeal: Featuring Midwest Landscape Concepts, Inc.

By Kristen Bosse

Please give us some background on your company and services you offer.

Midwest Landscape Concepts, Inc. started in 2006. We are located in Lisle, IL and mainly service surrounding cities around Lisle. We are a full service landscape contracting firm. Our focus is to provide clients with a one point contact that will service most of their landscape needs. Our in house staff has professionalism and knowledge on many facets of landscaping. We employ staff that is passionate about the care of plants and surrounding landscapes. We are the eyes and ears for our clients and their properties. Our service offering is fairly extensive; we provide landscape management, landscape construction with design and build, tree care management, irrigation system management, plant health care, and snow and ice management. These are just some of the broad areas that we cover.

What landscaping services do you offer that can increase my curb appeal?

We provide landscape management which is the total care of the landscape, this covers turf, landscape beds, perennials, shrubs, trees, and hardscapes. Just by properly maintaining the property curb appeal can be increased. We provide enhancement services too. Examples are four season container planting, management of those container plantings, landscape bed planting of bare areas, replacement of declining plants with plants that are suited for those growing conditions, proper pruning and restoration of neglected or poorly maintained shrubs. Even properly trained and prune trees have a large impact on the value of the property and curb appeal. Proper mulching can almost immediately make a landscape stand out. We can design certain areas or the entire property for new landscaping. We can also implement those designs and bring them to life.

Keeping up with weeding is an obvious way to increase my curb appeal. However, what are some ways to prevent the growth of weeds in the future?

Weeds can be prevented by having landscape beds full of plants, anywhere there is open soil has potential for a weed to start growing. Properly mulching beds will reduce the weed population in the landscape. Turf areas adjacent to landscape beds should be maintained with minimal weeds to help prevent the spread of weeds into the beds. Apply pre-emergent herbicides like preen will prevent new seeds from germinating for about 2 to 3 months. Even weeding when weeds are small will reduce future weed populations. The key to remember is to control weeds before they flower and set seed because after that you can almost bet you will have future issues with weeds.

What do accent lights do for my landscape? Is there a benefit to using solar lights?

Accent lights can do some much for the landscape. Lighting provides security, safety, and the ability to use landscape areas during nighttime hours. Lighting can highlight architecture details on buildings or other structures, focal points, create depth, create entry, and create warmth during the cooler seasons of the year. Remember with lighting you get what you pay for, buy quality fixtures designed for professional use. The lesser quality fixture will only last a few seasons and not as bright has the higher quality fixtures. Believe or not even quality wiring plays a big role. It is important to note that lighting needs to be implemented by someone who knows landscape lighting design. There are certain details that this person is familiar with and will design a system that will function for years to come. If not there could be a possibly that you ended up spending double or more to get a system to function properly, we have seen these happen to clients that had lighting installed by others.

Solar technology is getting better but still not the best. If someone is looking to save on energy usage, we would advise going with led technology. Solar lamps are not bright enough and don't always have enough runtime.

How do I prevent the presence of dead spots on my lawn?

Dealing with dead spots in the lawn will depend on what is causing them in the first place. It could be a disease, animal damage, animal urine, shade, excessive organic material and even chemical spills. Identifying the culprit is the first step needed. After that the right protocol can be implemented to solve the dead spots. For example lets say someone has dead spots from their dog. Gypsum can be applied to the areas to combat the salts that are damaging the lawn. It can be also advised that a dog's diet be looked into for food that would produce less ammonium in the urine.

Right now I have a straight concrete path leading up to my front door. How can I alter my walkway to make it appear more warm and inviting?

Remember that you want to match hardscapes with the architecture of your building. Architecture plays a large role in the designing a new walkway to the front door. It's also good to look at least three different layouts when making a decision. Function is also key here, minimum width of a walkway should be at least four feet wide for two people to walkway side by side. Benches could be used, an entry foyer can be developed as a meeting area in front of the home, seatwalls, use of pavers, the use of paver patterns, and the use of different paver styles.

How can a properly installed irrigation system improve the appearance of my lawn?

A properly installed and functioning irrigation system will improve the appearance of a lawn by maintaining the green color through the dry times during the year. An irrigation system has the possibly of allowing a thorough watering of the lawn but the correct programming and monitoring will need to be exercised. A proper functioning irrigation system can improve the health of a lawn but sound cultural practices need to be used in tandem with the irrigation system.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

We can be contacted via phone at (630) 258-2135 or via email at

Midwest Landscape Concepts, Inc.
2106 Babst Court
Lisle, IL 60532
President: David Miga

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