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Why To Invest In Your Kitchen: An Interview with Restore North Shore

By Kristen Bosse

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Restore North Shore was established in December 2010. We specialize in design and contracting services. I was a realtor for 15 years, and had completed substantial renovations to several of my own homes during that time. I found that many of my clients were looking for someone to assist them in not only remodeling their home, but guiding them in the design process.

What is your position at Restore North Shore?

I am the President and Founder.

You claim on your website that "We believe every home should house your soul." What are some ways you try and achieve this with your clients?

I find that every client is different. When selling Real Estate, or assisting a client in remodeling their home, the home should reflect their personality; their likes and dislikes. A house, like a relationship should have that chemistry with its owners- I like to call it "the magic". For everyone, that is different. Gaining an understanding of our clients and assisting them in reflecting themselves in the design of their home is our primary goal.

What previous experience or background has helped you in your business?

As I mentioned earlier, I sold Real Estate for 15 years prior to establishing Restore North Shore. During that time, I not only visited many different homes, but assisted many clients in finding their homes. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together was a wonderful challenge. I also found it quite enjoyable to assist the clients in understanding what they might be able to do to some of the houses we visited to create that "magic" and transform a house into their "home" within their price range. Additionally, I noticed many additions or renovations that not only dated themselves, but did not reflect the style of the house. I love the challenge of breathing new life into an old house while maintaining a natural dialogue with its inherent style- all the while celebrating the style of the client.

What are some key qualities that a homeowner should expect from a good design and remodeling company?

It is imperative that the company really listen to the client. I believe it is important that the company really sit down and meet with the client to understand what they are seeking to accomplish when they set out to remodel. How will they live in the space? What are their likes and dislikes? Have they compiled a collection of pictures reflecting what they are looking to accomplish? Do they have a budget? Have they made a list of priorities in order?

Please share some reasons why I should consider remodeling my bathroom/kitchen?

The best investment you can make in your house is your Kitchen or Master Bathroom. The typical return on those investments is upwards of 80%. The Kitchen is typically the heart of the house, where everyone gathers; making it a warm and inviting gathering spot will not only improve the value of your home when you go to sell, but will improve the quality of your own experience while you live in the home!

What are some of your company goals for the near future?

We derive great pleasure in assisting our clients in transforming their homes. We hope to continue to do so for many years to come!

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Either via email, or at 312-953-3785.

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