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Resurfaced 3000 Bathtubs and Counting: An Interview with Resurface Pros

By Kristen Bosse

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

ReSurface Pros offers affordable kitchen and bathroom remodeling usually in just one day. Jim LeMieux, owner and sole technician, reglazes existing bathtubs, tile, showers, countertops, cabinets, and more. All work comes with a 5 year warranty. He also can convert an existing bathtub into a step-in shower using the Safeway Step which allows people who are having difficulties getting in and out of their tub to stay in their home longer without the expense of a total bathroom remodel.

We've heard stories of bathtubs peeling prematurely. How can I be sure this doesn't happen to me?

Excellent question, Kristen. Refinishing really isn't a do it yourself project but something for an experienced professional. Preparing the surface properly is key to both good adhesion as well as a high gloss finish. Jim of ReSurface Pros is the owner and only technician assuring the highest quality work since 1997.

That being said almost nothing on a bathtub can't be fixed. The old coating can be stripped off so the tub can be properly reglazed by the right professional. If the job is done right, peeling doesn't happen. Our 5 year warranty guarantees that.

We have a hole in our fiberglass one piece unit. Do we have to rip it out?

No. Jim has repaired over 1,000 of these leaks with his three step process. No need to fill up landfills, spend loads of money, or be inconvenienced for long periods of time. ReSurface Pros can do a good looking repair and be done in one day. For a more detailed explanation call (815) 756-2565.

What sets your business apart from others?

Experience, attention to detail, and the highest quality of work. Jim has plumbers and others referring customers to him even though they have never met him. They have seen his work and know it is top notch so they are comfortable passing the good word along.

My mother doesn't want to move but she's having difficulty getting in and out of her bathtub. Any suggestions?

Jim can convert an existing bathtub into a walk-in shower in just a day with the Safeway Step. This is a much more affordable solution than a complete remodel of a bathroom and allows people to stay in their home.

What are some benefits of refinishing vs replacing?

Affordability, time (most jobs done in one day), and not filling up landfills are some things that come to mind. Refinishing is a "green" solution because people are restoring rather than replacing. And who doesn't like to save $?

What's the best way to get in contact with you?

Call us at (815) 756-2565 or visit us at our web site where you can see photos, prices, and other great information.

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