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JAI Yoga Studio Is Teaching Yoga As A Lifestyle, Not A Practice

By Elisha Neubauer

Yoga, for many, is a passion. It is more than a workout, it is a community, a way of life. John Sisson, of Palatine, Illinois, wanted to create a space for those who had a passion for yoga.

JAI Yoga Studio was launched in the winter of 2014 with the sole purpose of providing a space for participants to learn and grow from each other. Education in yoga was the primary focus of Sisson's vision.

"Experienced teachers sharing with inexperienced teachers forming apprentice relationships and for all to be students learning, not only from the instructors, but from each other as well," Sisson said.

Sisson and his team encourage guests to support one another, to help each other find their inner passion. The studio aims to inspire each person to experience a transformation within themselves. JAI Yoga Studio presents students with an opportunity to find a deeper connection to their inner selves and to learn skills that will enrich and enhance their daily lives.

"When you practice yoga at Jai Yoga Studio, you enter a calm space that provides a respite from the demands of the activities of everyday life," Sisson said.

The space was designed with intimacy and comfort in mind. It is a place to find your center through a mindful yoga practice and features a culture is one of inclusion and acceptance. This culture stems from the diversity of the client base, as many diverse backgrounds practice within the walls of the JAI Yoga Studio.

Due to the diversity, JAI Yoga Studio sees all manner of experiences in their students. The teachers on staff appreciate and welcome this, as they believe it is in their path to coach, teach, and develop students on their journey. Regardless of skill, flexibility, experience, or physical capability, you will find an open door at JAI Yoga Studio.

"If you are just beginning to practice yoga or have been practicing for a while, the instructors at Jai Yoga work to meet each person where they are today," Sisson said. "With gentle guidance, you will develop in awareness towards becoming your best self."

No matter where you are in your yoga practice, you will be taught postures to develop strength, flexibility, and balance, as well as how to tune into your breathing. When combined, these traits help to unlock your mindfulness, allowing you to listen to your inner voice and intentions.

Sisson and his staff have worked tirelessly to create an environment for students to develop a lifestyle of yoga, not just a practice. The studio encourages students to be playful and have fun, to let loose within the studio's safe haven.

"Jai Yoga is a place to experience a sense of joy and a mindset of abundance with authentic relationships," said Sisson.

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