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Muscle Activation Schaumburg Offers Individualized Personal Training

By S. Mathur

"Many clients come to us because they don't like the atmosphere of a typical gym," Cates said. "Everything from the genre and volume of music that is played, the mirrors hanging all over the walls, the crowds of people gathered around the equipment, and trainers constantly shouting and trying to upsell the members rubs our clients the wrong way."

Muscle Activation Schaumburg opened in Schaumburg, IL in 2014, and it was the fulfillment of a dream for Cates.

"I knew I wanted to open my own exercise facility since my freshman year of college," he said. "Back then, I was largely into sports performance. However, after I graduated college and enrolled in the Muscle Activation Techniques® and Resistance Training Specialist? courses, I realized that helping people improve their health, instead of their sports performance, through exercise was a much stronger interest of mine."

At Muscle Activation Schaumburg, there are no mirrors and no crowds, and the music changes according to the clients' preferences. All session are one on one, where clients work with a trainer in an exclusive, private, and intimate exercise environment. New clients begin with an assessment of their bodies' capabilities. A customized exercise plan is created based on this data.

Cates uses a car analogy to describe the training program.

"With personal training, we are building our clients' metaphorical 'engine', how much output their muscles can produce, i.e. strength, and how long their muscles can work for i.e. endurance," he said. "With Muscle Activation Techniques®, we are figuring out where their 'battery cables' are too loose and improving that connection. Essentially, we are figuring out where there is a disconnect between their muscles and the central nervous system and then improving that connection."

Clients come to the studio for MAT or personal training, and typically fall into the 30 to 60 years age range. They may include those who want to start or maintain physical activity, people, needing to get back into exercise, those hiring a personal trainer for the first time or people trying to figure out how to exercise without aches and pains. Muscle Activation Techniques® focus on what the body is not currently able to do well and to correct that before building up the body further, through personal training.

Many clients need help with specific physical ailments like osteoarthritis, MS, diabetes, replaced joints, and post surgical recovery. Muscle activation techniques with personal trainers increases stability and improves neuromuscular function and body movement. Exercise is focused on improving and maintaining joint and muscle health.

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