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Selling a House on the Internet

By Chris Piraino

Over the past decade, the internet has come to dominate many aspects of our lives, and buying or selling a house is no exception to that. Both buyers and sellers are increasingly turning to the internet to either find a house to buy or to market their house for sale. The internet just makes everything involved easier and more convenient, especially in real estate where the property that you are interested might be across the country from you. The internet bridges that physical gap between buyer and seller, allowing for quick visualization of the property without having to travel anywhere.

For sellers, it is almost a requirement that you advertise your house on the Web in some way; otherwise you will find it extremely hard to sell. The most important thing about selling your house on the internet is to have good digital photos to show the look of the house. A video walkthrough would work also, but having photos of each room is always a good idea. If an online listing of a house doesn't have photos, many people will completely disregard it. Now, if you are taking the photos yourself, make sure and set the stage and get rid of all the clutter and make sure you have good lighting. If you do not feel up to taking photos, or want a more professional touch, a number of realty firms will create a virtual tour of your house for a price.

The internet also gives a variety of options for sellers in choosing just how to sell their home. Of course, a real estate agent is very easy to find with the internet and can help out immensely by adding your house to the MLS databases as well as negotiating with buyers for you. Having a person who has been through and handled the process before can be invaluable for first time sellers. For those sellers that want to do it themselves, the internet provides many resources to use, most importantly for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) sites. FSBO sites, as their name suggests, are set up to help homeowners sell their house themselves. A FSBO site will list a house on the site along with pictures and try and lead house-hunters to their listings. They also might help draw up contracts and advise on any legal aspects. However, using a FSBO site does mean that you are overseeing the process by yourself, which can be very time-consuming and confusing.

Regardless of how you decide to use the Internet to sell your house, it is always important to know what options exist. The Web allows for a great amount of freedom in choosing how to sell a house, and the many options should be taken advantage of.

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