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The Importance of a Home Inspection: An Interview with Fidel Gonzales of Reliant Inspection Service Corporation

By Fidel Gonzales

Please tell us a little bit about the foundation of your company.

Simply put, the foundation of our company is based on exceptional customer service, experience, and compaction.

Do your offer any other services other than basic home inspections?

Yes! We also offer pre listing inspections, new construction inspections, thermal imaging inspections, testings for mold, asbestos, water quality, radon and lead paint, home buyer or seller inspections.

First off, in your opinion, why is it vitally important to have your home inspected?

There are many factors that unknown to a buyer could end up costing hundreds and even thousand of dollars if not detected. Issue such, problems with foundations, roof issues, furnace, and electrical issues just to name a few. These issues could effect a buyer budget if not detected by a competed home inspector.

What are the 3 problems that usually go unnoticed, that are a quick fix for homeowners?

The three most common problems are incorrect venting for appliances, double tap breakers, a recalled circuit breaker panel, and a deck built without a permit that could fail and cause injuries.

I have to ask, please briefly cover why you have such a passion towards home inspections.

I particularly enjoy dealing with a first time homebuyer. The excitement they have in contagions and it's rewarding to me when I can help them make an informed decision on the purchase.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

At or at 630-935-7170.

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