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Why You Might Want Custom Carpentry in Your Home: An Interview with Darin Wheeler of Wheeler Carpentry

By Darin Wheeler

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

I began learning my skills in the trades at 12 years of age and continued in the trades till the day I started my company in 1992 from the back of my mustang with one lawnmower and one lawn spreader. I started with landscaping to earn enough money to begin my carpentry business. After 5 years of hard work I had been able to purchase a truck and the correct tools to provide a quality construction business and retire from landscaping. Decks and screen rooms/gazebos became my focus with help from a good advertising campaign. Three years after that I started remodeling projects. I began as Greenleaf Enterprises and changed my company name to Wheeler Fine Carpentry and remodeling due to the landscaping sound of the name Greenleaf. Currently I have a very good loyal customer base that continues to use me as their handyman as well as any carpentry/remodeling needs.

What other services, besides custom carpentry, does your company provide?

Basement, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling, handyman services, and the willingness to accomplish the job to the vision and desires of the homeowners, client/customers. I have also accomplished jacking up a house with the purpose of removing and replacing a rotten double rim joist. I do cabinetry, custom shower installs, skylights, and have built murphy beds. I have also built entertainment centers and some bedroom furniture. In short if the customer dreams it up and if it is in any way possible I can very well accomplish that.

Please elaborate custom carpentry as a service and what it pertains.

The ability to build something out of the ordinary that may not always be found with standard products. I'm not limited to that of a prefab or factory built kits. If a customer wants a bench, cabinets or storage box/area I can also build those.

When might you suggest someone should look into custom carpentry to complete their job?

When something standard will not work and the customer wants or needs something special with a personal touch. Custom carpentry will allow you to put more design and detail into a project.

What are some benefits of custom carpentry?

Custom carpentry will provide a homeowner with what their needs are and generally will have a better resale value. With custom carpentry you could have a larger variety of color, detail and choices of wood.

Is custom carpentry more expensive than if someone were to just install a pre-designed building supply?

Yes custom building can be more expensive, there is no mass production with custom carpentry. There is more time and labor that goes into custom built projects. Every project is unique to the individuals needs.

Is the process longer to custom build pieces than it would be otherwise, and if so is it so much longer that you feel it would really be an issue?

Custom built projects always takes longer than a pre fabricated project, but if the contractor is worth his weight and is able to provide a quality product the extra amount of time that it takes will be well worth the wait.

Are there any downfalls of custom carpentry?

Sometimes the cost and the length of time to produce a product. I would not consider this as a downfall, however some may.

What is the easiest way for people to contact you or your business?

I would first invite anyone who is interested in contacting me to visit my web page at and check out my projects online. Either contact me by phone at 847/343/8208, or email me at However note a quicker response will be by phone.

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