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Cheap Home Improvements for Sellers Cheap Home Improvements for Sellers

By Derren Peters

Selling your home can be a demanding process, and making the best impression on potential buyers is one of the most important parts of it. Doing it cheaply and quickly is likely to net you the best returns.

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Questions to Ask a Real Estate Lawyer Questions to Ask a Real Estate Lawyer

Before you hire a real estate attorney, make sure that the attorney you're considering is experienced and that you are comfortable with how you case is going to be handled. Preparing for your first meeting will cover the basics, but it's important to get some information out on table, such as his or her work style, case history, and billing details.

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Packing Advice Packing Advice

Here is some great advice for helping you pack your home for your move.

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Why Hire a Real Estate Lawyer? Why Hire a Real Estate Lawyer?

Why hiring an attorney to oversee your real estate transaction is a must.

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Avoiding Moving Scams Avoiding Moving Scams

Too many horror stories have been told about moving companies doubling, tripling, or otherwise increasing their rates to exorbitant prices - only after loading the owner's belongings onto the truck.

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Difference Between a Home Appraisal and a CMA Difference Between a Home Appraisal and a CMA

Appraisals and CMAs are familiar reports for prospective homebuyers and sellers. Both are researched in similar ways and contain much of the same information. But only one of them is trusted as the official word on your home's value.

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What is Loan Assumption? What is Loan Assumption?

In recent years, the level of available credit has decreased, making it difficult for buyers to secure a mortgage and enter the market. Loan assumption removes that hurdle for the buyer.

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How to Bargain for Rent How to Bargain for Rent

If you are looking for a property to rent, it is a good thing to know that landlords often allow for some wiggle room to negotiate, and lower your rent.

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Importance Of A Home Inspection Importance Of A Home Inspection

By Christina Kelley

You've found the house of your dreams and negotiated the seller down to a price you can manage. There is one more important thing you need to do to make sure you don't end up paying thousands of dollars in hidden costs.

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Agent's Protocol Agent's Protocol

By Edmund Gallese

You are ready to start the home search and you want to secure a buyer's agent to represent you. Here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your agent.

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