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A Look At The Growing Micro Apartment Trend In Chicago A Look At The Growing Micro Apartment Trend In Chicago

By Elizabeth Elstien

"Micro living" is a more affordable way to rent an apartment for some. Chicago is currently witnessing a micro-apartment trend intended to appeal to young, single college graduates who want to live alone at an affordable price. The catch is that creating these tiny apartments may make others homeless. Learn more about the pros and cons of micro-apartment living in Chicago.

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Illinois Renter's Rights Illinois Renter's Rights

Know your rights as a renter in Illinois and you'll be prepared to handle any possible legal situations that may arise when you decide to rent a home.

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How Rent to Own Properties Work How Rent to Own Properties Work

By Colleen Colkitt

Are you considering focusing your home search around Rent To Own properties? Read our overview on this hard-to-find type of housing arrangement to make sure it's right for you!

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Making Your Home More Inviting Making Your Home More Inviting

By Ben Levy

Home is where the heart is, and without question, you want your home to be filled with love and happiness while serving as a place that is inviting for not only friends and guests, but for your family too. There are numerous methods of ensuring that you have a warm, inviting home.

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Looking At Colleges In Chicago Looking At Colleges In Chicago

The Top Five tips for students or parents of students looking to move to the Greater Chicago Area for college in 2012.

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How To Screen New Tenants How To Screen New Tenants

A foolproof guide to screening new tenants for a rental property. This step-by-step guide makes it easy, more manageable and possibly less stressful to choose new tenants to rent to.

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Rental Scams Rental Scams

By Jynette DeMarco

While looking for a place to rent, there are some clear signs to keep in mind that might indicate an offer is actually a scam. Keep in mind the following red flags while looking for a place to call home.

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Advantages of Renting Advantages of Renting

When it makes sense to rent: Conventional wisdom says that buying a home is always better than renting. There are many people who say that renting is really just paying for someone else's mortgage. However, there are definitely situations where renting a home is the smart choice.

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How to Bargain for Rent How to Bargain for Rent

If you are looking for a property to rent, it is a good thing to know that landlords often allow for some wiggle room to negotiate, and lower your rent.

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Types of Tenancy Types of Tenancy

There are various types of rental tenancies, such as a tenant with a Lease, a tenant at Will, and a tenant at Sufferance ? it is important to understand which applies to you in order to make sure you are on the same page as your landlord and that the length of the lease is appropriate.

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