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How To Improve Curb Appeal In Five Easy Steps

As you get ready to bring your home to market, it is a good practice is to go outside of you own home, step back and just look at it. Stare at it for a long time with a critical eye and ask yourself if the outside of your home has enough pop to draw in a prospective buyer. When some one drives by your house do they say "wow" or "ugh"? You may love your home so much this honest self-assessment may be difficult for you. If so bring in a friend or someone you trust to be blunt with you. You may be too close to the flaws everyday to really notice them. Don't cut corners and go all out to make the outside sparkle like you do with the inside. Turn that humble abode into a sexy home someone will want to snap up at the first viewing.

Bring Sexy Back To The Outside of Your Home

#1 Front porch and Door:

As we have said in this space recently the front of your home really is calling card to the inside. The handshake that will invite interested parties in to see more. If you haven't upgraded your porch in a while before you bring it to market is a great time. New paint or finishes are inexpensive and even classy new fixtures will cost you short money and add value.

#2 Windows and Shutters:

No one wants to look at a house with decrepit windows or shutters. Because they are an investment financially homeowners statistically replace their windows once every ten years, often not doing this before selling. Still, if your windows say "old fashioned" to your senses, they probably are outdated. New shutters, if appropriate are an easy way to improve some older windows that are not too out of style yet. Again, if this area is sagging give it the attention it deserves.

#3 Paint!

A new paint job in some cases can make an older home look like a million bucks. In the least case, you ought to paint your home before a sale as a courtesy. New paint is just as noticeable as old, weather beaten houses and it will stand out for the better. You will even feel better about your home when it is done, I promise.

#4 Landscaping:

Depending on your home and where it is, this could be costly, but oh so worth it. You always want the outside of your home to look pristine and beautiful. A professional landscaper can take an average area and make it dynamic looking. This is a sure value booster if you can swing it into you pre-sale budget. A stone walk way, interesting shrubbery, fancy plants or just proper care of foliage and trees makes a huge difference between someone liking or loving your home.

#5 The little things matter.

When you live somewhere for a long time you tend to become accustomed to the way your home looks. You take things for granted. Little things like door knobs and knockers, gate handles and inexpensive but nice accents can be huge. It will prove your attention to every last detail outside and speak volumes about how you feel about your home without saying a word. Be critical in this area and you will be surprised how much upside there is here.

When you put a little effort in, your home might really surprise you with how great it can be. Of course if you are at a loss where to begin, our agents always have great ideas to share!

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