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The FSBO Experience The FSBO Experience

By Chris Piraino

As an alternative to having a real estate agent, For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) websites have recently become a popular option for people looking to save that extra money that comes with not having to pay an agent. A downside of this is, of course, not having an experienced real estate agent to handle any negotiations, contract writing, and other such business for you. Compiled here are two FSBO experiences from sellers, good and bad.

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Selling a House on the Internet Selling a House on the Internet

By Chris Piraino

Over the past decade, the internet has come to dominate many aspects of our lives, and buying or selling a house is no exception to that. Both buyers and sellers are increasingly turning to the internet to either find a house to buy or to market their house for sale.

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Chris Piraino is a Staff Writer at Illinois Homes.